About a shop

Distributor ACDC Co., Ltd.
Distributor name Rimma Doi
The location 227-0054
Tokyu-Minamishiratoridai-Doering 1F, 50-1, Shiratoridai, Aoba, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Phone number 045-479-3696
E-mail address info@acdcrag.com

About the business of the product

Product delivery time

I usually send it out within two business days from an order (I receive money other than a credit card, collect on delivery).

Defective article

If there are an emergency, initial defectiveness, miscarriage to the product which I sent, please contact us over an email or a telephone immediately.
It is 送 りせていただきます with a normalcy product immediately.
Because I refund it in the case of a sellout, and an exchange product supports, thank you for your understanding.
I would like communication within 7th from the arrival of the product.

Returned goods

I accept return of goods only when I can hear within seven days from the arrival to initial defectiveness and the product.
The postage of that case should be our burden.
As for the following cases, return of goods is not accepted.
・When there is the trace that a visitor became use
・When there is the smell of damage, a dirt, the cigarette by the visitor origin
・Sale product
・It is different in size, an image
・In the case of other visitor circumstances

A means of payment and payment time

・Credit card
・Bank transfer
・Convenience store payment in advance
・NP deferred payment
Please pay bank transfer, convenience store payment in advance, PayPal within seven days from a confirmation email from our store.

Necessary rate except the product price

The following rates are necessary separately from the product price.
・Consumption tax
・The postage
・Collect on delivery fee
・Transfer fee
・Front money
・Deferred payment fee

Application expiration date

I do it after an order with less than seven days.
When there is not the receipt of money, I should cancel an order automatically within seven days after an order.